97 pages.

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  • “Come Dance With Me” was featured on the Front Page of Open Arts Forum (OAF) in September 2023
  • “After Klee, the equivocateur” won Second Place in the Third Annual Sonic Boom Vispo Contest (2023)
  • “Contronymia” was also featured in the Sonic Boom Vispo Gallery (2023)
  • “belated re-cognition” was included in the 2023 Bards of Rhode Island collection.
  • “I thought I would be understood without words, Vincent van Gogh”, “Iahueh”, and “Niccolo Paganini, In the heart I  don’t feel” were all selected to the 2023 Jornada de Visual Poesia exhibit.
  • “after Langston Hughes Suite (Poverty, Trade Unions, Color Lines, Colonies)” appeared on Unlikely Stories Mark V in December 2023.
  • “My yellow iris” appeared on The Starbeck Orion E-Zine, Spring 2024