David E. Matthews

Failed Poet

Fulsome Times

179 pages.

Fullsome Times, indeed. There are not hours in the day to contain all that we have experienced. As Einstein has been paraphrased, “Time is Nature’s way of making sure everything does not happen at once”, but Time is breaking down. As the Horse-Opera Hero used to say, “There’s not enough room in this town for both of us”. Now there is not enough room for any of us, and yet we have never been more alone. In this era of alienation and global derangement of the senses, we should all be forgiven for being a fool sometimes.

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Max Nix

92 pages

David E. Matthews is saddened by the direction of events, but more perplexed that things are not worse than, or better than, they actually are, if what people believe is true. He has become suspicious – not to say paranoid – of people who seem positive of what is real, and true. The reverberations and resonances of literature is all that sustains him.

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Opus in Progressu

62 pages.

After extensive introspection, it has become clear to the author that human intelligence is vastly over-estimated, and that communication in this era of social media & Trump is breaking down under the stress. Whether this art is an example of this debilitation or only an aesthetic reaction to it, remains the province of the viewer.

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