Why Failure is Necessary for Creative Growth (Lithub)

why failure is necessary

Brandon Stosuy on Making Space for Mistakes and Setbacks

Even the most accomplished people deal with failure and ongoing self-doubt. You have to learn how to deal with it. Failure is how you learn. If you see it as anything but a lesson, and project it onto your self-worth, you’ll crumble. That low self-worth takes up a lot of room in your head. You end up giving too much space to jealousy, bitterness, comparing yourself to your peers and that’s less room for the creative process to unfold. Failure and success are endlessly intertwined. Each step forward can included a number of steps back. Basically: you have to get over yourself and get over the fear of failure.

I, myself, have embraced my failure(s).  Like all things, failure exists in an artificial duality, wherein we ignore the temporal criteria that may affect our evaluation, avoiding that pitfall, reconciling the duality into a oneness with success, is my method. I do not feel even the compunction to learn from failure, or do better, only to do and to keep doing.

Ah! Is to not-do the only real failure? I refer back to the wisdom of Tomiki, “The Way lies in inaction, yet nothing is left undone”.