Well –
I always start with this one fact:
That of the four siblings in our family only one finished college,
And his degree is in “Recreation”. . .
If you-see-how-I-mean . . .

His one answer
For all things philosophical
Comes from a tenet
Of that Doctrinal Inculcation:

That 90% of the Enjoyment of any given Event
<Ah, gee, what I see is this:
That 90% of the Terror of any given doleful event
Is in the DREAD . . .but leave that there>

What I am anticipatin’ is this:

On the crabgrass
With the Pre-Emergent,
But not for six-months, yet . . .

For the rest of Autumn,
I’ll wait and watch to see
If my overseed will have taken . . .
Then the lawn will go dormant,
Covered in snow, unseen . . .

Until Spring,
Which will then be the Season of Retribution
When I repay the humiliation of this last summer
When crabgrass ran rampant, wild, over all of the yard . . .
Now will I bring Lawn Order
Good & Hard.